Our Tree Top Adventure in Canton, Ma.

My very adventurous husband had the idea to take me to a tree top adventure park. I was very excited until I got there and realized It would be like an episode of “American Ninja Warrior”. lol. We arrived there to start the obstacle courses at 9am and we would go until 12 noon. I have to admit that I was afraid when I saw that we would be wearing safety harnesses and gloves, and even more terrified when I saw how high some of the obstacle courses were.

The first thing we did was a short training exercise where they taught us how to use our harnesses and how to hook and unhook ourselves to the lines that would guide us on our adventure. They also told us that if we got into any difficulties the staff would be right there to help us. After hearing that I began to worry more. Next, we went to put on the safety harnesses and they walked us through a practice obstacle course. I was so nervous, but pulled myself together when I saw many kids going through the courses.

There were many courses that were based on different levels of difficulties. At the beginning of each we saw different colors which represented this. According to their website, http://www.treetopcanton.com, “trails range in difficulty level from beginner to expert and consist of obstacles like rolling logs, bridges, ladders, tight ropes, zip- lines and more… trails are built for climbers ages 7 and up. Every age and fitness level will find trails that are both challenging and achievable.”

And so we began. I was very athletic in high school and college, but not so much in the past few years. I started slowly and Nathan was right behind me to make sure I was okay. After the first beginner level course, I started to feel more comfortable and was going much faster through the courses. Nathan and I were doing most of them very quickly until we reached a blue course. We went through fairly quickly through most of the obstacles until we got to the one shown in the picture below. I struggled and feared falling because I thought I wouldn’t have the strength to pull myself up and then continued on the logs. I was determined to finish because I couldn’t let Nathan kick my butt so I powered through. Haha. Nathan struggled way more than I did and he was quite impressed at how quickly I went through it. When we completed this one we had to take a breather and rested a bit while we re-hydrated with water that was provided by the park. Lol.

At the end of some of the obstacles we had to hook ourselves to a rope and jump down. When we first encountered this, we hesitated for a while because the rope felt pretty lose and we were scared that it would just drop us on the ground. Luckily a participant came and said he would go before us so that we could see that it is totally safe. I asked Nate to go first and then I closed my eyes and just jumped. I got some rope burns there because I held on to the wrong part of the rope. On our final course we went through pretty quickly but we were held up by a little girl who was also scared to just hold on to the rope and jump many feet down to the ground. In the end a staff member had to come get her because she was too scared (I totally understood because I was scared too but we had gone through one of these rope plunges before so we knew how to do it by then).

We had so much fun at the park, It was challenging but we got through it and cheered each other on. We plan to visit again in the summer so we can go through the black course which is the most challenging. We wanted to do it but our arms were like jello, we were exhausted and had bruises all over our bodies (we laughed saying how we had these bruises one weekend before our wedding Lol). The Tree Top adventure is a fun thing to do with your family and friends, but be sure to get there early because it gets really busy. The staff was very nice and helpful and all the obstacles are pretty safe. If you visit the park, be sure to have lunch at the Turnpike cafe which is just outside the park as you come unto the main road. We ate there and we really enjoyed the food and drinks. xoxo

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