Did you watch Ozark Season 3?

Ozark is a Netflix original series which features the Byrde family, who had to leave their home in season 1 to go to the Ozarks where they launder money for the Navarro cartel. Season 1 and 2 showed how they adjusted to their new life and worked for their new boss. Season 2 ended with the Byrde’s acquiring a casino for the cartel which would be easier for the money laundering ( or so they thought).

Season 3 starts with the Byrdes and Ruth, their employee using the casino to launder Navarro’s drug money. Marty Byrde, wants to stop laundering for a while until the FBI is off their backs, but his wife wants to keep going. In fact, she along with Helen Pierce bring the boss a new idea of buying another casino as a legitimate investment. He agrees, they purchase the establishment after some back and forth with the owners, but more problems arise as the FBI brought in forensic accountants to prove that they’ve been using the casino to launder money.

The family is now in a bind as they can’t launder enough money with the FBI under their noses and Navarro doesn’t care about their problems as he just wants his money. A new character, Ben is introduced as Wendy Byrde’s brother, a bipolar guy who is off his meds. As if this wasn’t enough problem for the family, Marty is kidnapped and brought to Mexico where he is tortured by Navarro for eavesdropping on his wife’s phone calls with the cartel. Ben sees Marty being kidnapped and now knows that the family works for the cartel. He freaks out but is also getting close to Ruth who we’ve never seen with a boyfriend in the past seasons.

Marty returns from Mexico after helping with an account that was flagged by the FBI, thus saving his life. He assures Navarro that he wants to continue working for him. Back in the Ozarks, Marty tries to turn FBI agent Mia Miller to start working for him but it proves unsuccessful. Ben gets out of control when he figures out that Wendy had Ruth’s dad killed and he disrupts the Byrde’s family gala and is thrown in a mental health hospital. Ruth gets him out with the help of Darlene Snail but soon realizes this was a bad idea as Ben goes to Helen’s house and tells her daughter that Helen works for a drug cartel. Everyone starts panicking because they know Helen is going to kill Ben and the Byrdes if she has to.

Ben doesn’t seem to understand the seriousness of the situation that he’s put the family in and Wendy tries to drive him out of town, but he repeatedly tries to call Helen and even had the police question Wendy about the cartel. Wendy ends up giving Helen the go ahead to kill her brother and is devastated after as she pours her sorrows into drinking vodka. She goes home and realizes that Helen wants to kill her family and take over their portion of the cartel’s business.

The Byrde’s then come up with a plan to show the ultimate test of loyalty to Navarro by promising him that the FBI will arrest his rival for shooting up some guys that were delivering cash to Ruth. They tell Navarro their plan and in return request that he not allow Helen to take the business from them. He invites them and Helen to Mexico where his hitman, Frank shoots Helen (shocker!!) right in front of Wendy and Marty. The season ends with him hugging them as he says this is the start of a new beginning.

The end of season 3 has left me wanting to see what will happen in season 4. Netflix hasn’t yet released any information about other seasons or release dates but I anxiously await. I look forward to seeing Ruth’s development as she decided to stop working for the Byrdes after they had Ben killed. She will now be working for Darlene who hates the Byrdes. Also, the mob boss who transported the cartel’s money is also going to be working for Darlene by transporting her heroin. So viewers will see how the Byrdes deal with their new partnership with Navarro. Will he will eventually kill them? Will they eventually get caught by the FBI? Will they take the FBI deal that was promised by agent Miller? How will Jonah cope with Ben’s death since Helen told him that it was his mom who gave the go ahead to kill his uncle? See you next season!! xoxo

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