5 Businesses you can start while being in quarantine that doesn’t require a lot of money.

Since we all have to stay home we might as well make good use of our time. While going through my daily news feed on google yesterday there were a few articles that mentioned how many more persons are getting into entrepreneurship, while staying at home because of the virus; so today I will share with you 5 businesses that you can start at home without having a lot of start up cash.

Firstly, you can start a Youtube channel. As a beginner with little money you may not be able to afford the professional equipment for filming, but most smartphones are good enough to record quality videos. You can have your friends share your channel on their social media accounts and gain subscribers. People make money on Youtube through endorsements as well as the number of hours worth of advertisements that their subscribers watch on their channel. So the next time you’re on Youtube and want to support a channel be sure to watch the ads. Some of the most popular channels on Youtube are about gaming, comedy, pranks, cooking, fashion and beauty and even little Ryan is making big bucks by reviewing toys.

One of my favorite up and coming Youtuber. Find her on Instagram @tanaania

Another business idea is to sell handmade products on Ebay or Etsy. You can make artwork or paintings. You can do crochet or re-purpose old clothing items. Also it is good to note that because these sites mostly cater to handmade products, persons can charge a bit more and make some money. This can be a good fit even if you are not that creative because you can learn a skill and then profit from it. In 2016 I wanted to make some extra money and because I love fashion I decided that I would learn how to make jewelry and sell them. I watched a couple Youtube videos of how to make earrings, bracelets and necklaces and wore them. In no time people started noticing and asked where I got them and some even bought from me. Then I took things a bit further and learned how to make male and female sandals by watching youtube videos. I also sold these and made some money. Thinking back this made me very proud that I could use my bare hands to make such beautiful things. Maybe I should start making these handmade products again. Check out some sandals I made below.

Another business that you can start while staying at home is dropshipping with Shopify, Oberlo and Ali Express. Dropshipping is a model that doesn’t require you to spend cash upfront. You do not need to have an inventory because suppliers will send your products to your customers. So you set up your Shopify site and pick some products that you want to sell. Make sure there is a market for it. Then you use the Oberlo and Ali Express apps to add these products to your store and start selling. Shopify also has a 14 day free trial and their cheapest monthly plan is $30.01. Use your social media pages to post and promote your products in order to drive traffic to your website. You can also reach out to micro influencers on social media and offer them free products to promote your website. You can also ask a Youtuber or an instagrammer to review your products to their followers. Also you can offer them discounted prices for every sale that they send your way.

The fourth business idea on my list is to become a freelancer and sell your services. Some of the services include virtual assistant, social media managers, data entry, graphic designing and many others. These jobs can be found on Fivver, Freelancer.com, Upwork, Content Authority, Indeed and Glassdoor among others. As a beginner you might not get paid big bucks but with time and more experience you can charge more money for your work. Once again, if any of these things are new to you this can change with just searching the internet for tools to teach you how to do these jobs. For example, I taught myself how to make logos, business cards, video editing by just googling what I wanted to learn. Shoot me an email or write in the comments if you are interested in learning these skills. Check out the logos I made below.

The final low cost business idea on my list is to start a blog. I believe everyone has a story to tell and we all have similar experiences so by writing about your experiences or different topics, you could be helping someone else. All you need is a computer and some phones can be used as well. You can use platforms like WordPress.com to start blogging about your favorite topics. Find something that you are passionate about and just share with your friends and family and then ask them to share your blog on their social media pages. Having a blog can get you opportunities to write for other blogs or magazines for money. You can also do affiliate marketing on your blog where you show ads for someone’s products and get a percentage of their sales. Lots of bloggers do this by recommending Amazon products. Then when customers use your link to buy something on Amazon you will get a percentage of the profits.

All the ideas mentioned here are things that you can do remotely from anywhere in the world. So maybe when things go back to normal you can take a leap of faith and become a full time entrepreneur. If not, you can still do these on a part time basis. These are not get rich quick schemes and will take some dedication but it can be done. There are many other things that you can do to make money from home and a simple google search will show you. Remember to leave your comments or questions below. Please reach out if you want my help in garnering some of the skills that I have taught myself. You can find me on Instagram @empeysworld. xoxo

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