8 best ways to relax after working from home

Most of us are working from home right now and it can be a bit overwhelming to be in the house for the entire day. Plus you still have other responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids etc. Some of us might even try to get a head start on the day ahead by putting in extra hours. My husband is working from home and he is working more hours than if he was at the office. All this can be physically and mentally draining on the body and you will find that you don’t have the energy to do much. So today I want to share with you 8 ways that you can relax after a full day of working from home. Be sure to schedule your down time and stick to it. It will become a habit and something to look forward to.

  1. Disconnect from work and chores. There will be no relaxation if you are constantly thinking about work. So turn your work phone off and turn email notifications off so you can have some time to yourself. Use this time to spend with your family or alone if you live alone.

2. Take a warm bath or shower. Taking a warm bath or shower will ultimately relax your muscles, your mind and your body on a whole. Light some candles and lay in your bath tub while you soak in some lavender epsom salt.

3. Unwind with exercise. Some exercise can be a great way to unwind after a long day. Yoga is great for this as it relaxes you while stretching your muscles. Some persons may prefer more intense forms of exercise and this is totally fine because it will get you tired and you will probably have a good night’s sleep after rigorous exercise.

4. Get some fresh air. If you are working from home then going out for some fresh air after work would be a great idea. A change of scenery would be good and will take your mind off work thus helping you to wind down.

5. Listen to some relaxing music. If you love music like I do then you should definitely do this. Music will take your mind off your day and put you in a good mood. Lately, my husband has been playing lots of Kenny G and I find it really relaxing to just lay down and let the music take me away.

6. Read a book. This is a good way to wind down after a long day. You do not have to read many chapters and this will also help you to fall asleep faster. Be sure to read a physical book and not a tablet or kindle because the bright light will definitely keep you up.

7. Meditate. Meditation has many benefits and a sure way to relax is to light some candles and clear your mind. There are even apps that are specifically for meditation that play soothing sounds like rain falling on a roof top, or waves crashing on a beach.

8. Sleep. Getting a good night’s rest will be the ultimate thing you can do to unwind after a long day. This will rejuvenate your body and you will be ready to take on the next day. Remove distractions from your bedroom like your cellphone or TV as these can prevent you from sleeping. You should power down all electronic devices 30 minutes to 1 hour before bed.

Be sure to incorporate some of these into your daily routine until they become a part of your life. Let me know if you are currently doing any of these or if there are any others that I did not mention here that we can do to relax after a long day. xoxo.

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