Travel Diary: Our Epic Disney World and Universal Studio Vacation in Orlando, Florida.

My father-in-law, Paul, invited us to Florida in February so we could visit Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando theme parks. They have visited the parks many times but this was my first time. For weeks I was watching theme park videos on YouTube to prepare myself because I thought I would be scared to go on the roller coasters. What I feared the most was the Sling Shot ride that everyone kept saying I should try. In most of the YouTube videos I saw, the riders were passing out from being shot up into the air and this made me even more scared. We stayed at a rented villa that was very spacious and had a nice pool and hot tub.

The first part of our trip saw us taking a train ride from Boston to New York and from New York to Orlando on Amtrak. This sounded exciting as we thought of all the beautiful scenery that we would experience. Plus we had an overnight train cart with a bed and toilet. Reality check! We didn’t see any breathtaking views. We left Boston at 10 am Saturday and got to Orlando at 1 pm Sunday. Maybe we passed some places that would have been beautiful to see during the night.

Our room on the train was another adventure. It had 2 beds. The top bunk could be pulled down and the bottom bunk served as day seats that pulled out into a bed at night time. Beside this, was a toilet and a pull down sink above the toilet. There was also a trash bin. A shower could be found a few rooms down. We played Yathzee on the ride while we looked out the window at mostly industrial compounds and trees.

We also watched movies on our cellphones and drank booze. Lol. We received microwavable breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast was egg sandwich and you had the choice of just egg and cheese, or egg, bacon and cheese or egg, sausage and cheese. Lunch and dinner was the same in the form of chicken Alfredo pasta, Spaghetti and meatballs or jambalaya kind of meal, with a salad and bread.

We went straight from the train to our first adventure at Disney’s Epcot. I enjoyed seeing the showcase of the different countries and the margaritas were superb. We had a light lunch at Tutto Italia Ristorante with some very tasty red wine. My favorite ride here was the Frozen ride. It was exciting to see the characters being brought to life with great lighting, but you might get wet. Lol

For days we visited Disney’s Universal Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. At Universal Studios we did the Rock n Roller-coaster 4 times. It was so fun and a very quick ride. My first time on I closed my eyes the entire time because the G force was so strong.

My first time riding the Rock n roller-coaster.

We also did the Tower of Terror. This one was terrifying and even before we got on we could hear all the screams from the riders being dropped from the top of the hotel. The wait was very long to get on this ride. I guess everyone wanted to experience the terror. Lol

At the end of the night we watched a beautiful water show that showcased some of our favorite Disney characters. At the Animal Kingdom, my favorite ride was the Yeti ride called Expedition Everest. We went on three times. It was cool that the ride also went in a backward motion for while. Disney was fun and you will see many families exploring the parks for their vacation from as early as 6 Am until closing.

Expedition Everest ride in the background.
Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

The Star Wars experience was phenomenal. We got to fly a space ship and shot at the enemies. The highlight of the Star Wars experience was on the interactive ride called, The Resistance, where we were captured by storm troopers and then rescued by the resistance, while being shot at by Darth Vader.

We were brought in by the storm troopers.

We then went one evening to Kissimmee, Florida for the epic Sling Shot ride, where you are strapped into your seat and is thrown more than 150 meters high, about 160 km per hour up into the air and is flipped multiple times before you get back to the ground. This is the ride that I watched YouTube videos of and kept telling myself that I didn’t want to pass out like the people in the videos. I decided that I would just close my eyes until it was all over. Luckily, the operator told me not to close my eyes because that is what makes people pass out. This was the scariest thing I have ever done and I will do it again. Lol. I will post the video of us on my YouTube and you can view it below to see the expression on my face.

The Sling Shot ride at Kissimmee, Florida.

Next we spent a day at Universal Studios theme park. I was excited to go here because Paul kept saying he wanted to see my expression on the Hulk roller-coaster as he thought I would be scared. But after doing The Sling Shot, I thought I could do anything without being scared. Needless to say, we went on the Hulk ride four times. Lol. My second favorite ride at this park was the Rip It Rock it. This ride had music blaring and you are taken slowly straight up to the top before being thrown down and flipped many times. We did this ride three times.

The Harry Potter experience was amazing as we got on a train like we were going to Hogwarts and could see the characters from the movie through the train windows. We also did the Harry Potter ride that takes you down to the bank with the dragon. Another notable ride was the Mummy. I enjoyed the feel of the fire and all the crazy lights.

The experience on this adventure was great and something that I will remember always. Doing all these theme parks will definitely take a toll on your body though, especially being thrown in all different directions on these rides. On the final day of our trip we went to Disney Springs, we were got treated to a fantastic virtual reality experience called The Void. Here, you are fitted with a virtual reality headset and a backpack and given a gun. You are then transformed into strom troopers and really think you are in another world. You felt the gun shots burn and when Darth Vader shot at us, our guns stopped working. It was such a real feeling that I had to keep lifting my helmet to make sure I didn’t fall off a fake cliff. Lol

The Void experience. This is literally what you see when you have on the headset and you can also feel the heat from below.

Have you been to these theme parks? What was your experience like? Comment below. Would you ever try the Sling Shot ride? xoxo

The Sling Shot ride. Look at our facial expressions. Lol

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