How I turned a painting into edgy fashion.

My husband and I often indulge in paint and sip date nights. In December 2019, I had this idea that I would do an abstract painting. I loved it so much that I put it on a T shirt. After doing the shirt I fell more in love with the painting. Since I am a fashion designer, I thought that it should be on runways and people should be buying this. Lol . So I started researching clothing manufacturers that could turn the painting into a pattern on fabric. So just like you would go to the fabric store and buy a yard of cotton fabric with a really cool pattern, that is what I wanted for my painting, but exclusive to just me as a fashion designer.

The Painting
I painted the pattern on a T Shirt.

I contacted Contrado fabrics and bought samples of different kinds of fabric like linen, cotton etc. I then made a scrap book with my fabric swatches. I then found a factory who said they would be able to both print my pattern on whatever fabric I wanted, but they could also sew my design with my own label and hang tags. I was so excited. I quickly paid for the sample in the first week of January 2020 and by January 15th, I received my sample pieces. I had made a jacket and a pants. I was so in love with the pattern and the finished jacket and pants.

Take a look at the finished products below.

The Jacket and pants I got made at a factory and I also used the pattern on a sweatshirt, a hoodie, a track pants and a bomber jacket (These are available as print on demand products and the company I used for these are Printful and Kin Custom who are both dropshipping companies.)

Pretty cool huh! It is amazing what a little talent and the internet can do. Lol . Let me know in the comments what you think of the designs I made.

10 thoughts on “How I turned a painting into edgy fashion.

  1. I really like the suit jacket and pants you received. Very cool looking! I think if it were in the fabrics I wear, I would probably purchase that suit.


      1. I’m one of those horribly inconvenient people that tend to favour unmixed natural fabrics. It’s very difficult to find 100% cotton or 100% wool suits, especially which would have cool design like that.


      2. Okay. Yes, those are favorites and what I want to be the focus of my designs. I’m just hoping people won’t mind paying the cost because the natural fabrics tend to cost way more. ā¤

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