How I did an at home manicure with press on nails from Amazon.

I decided to spruce up my fingernails by putting on press on nails that I got from Amazon and let me tell you, It was not an easy task. Lol. Honestly, I do not wear nail extensions a lot, but I love them. I normally go to the nail salon and get them once in a while, for special occasions. There is no special occasion right now and all the salons are closed because of the pandemic.

Anyway, I got some and decided to try. I found a YouTube video that showed how to easily apply press on nails with just the nails, glue, nail clip and nail file/buffer. I had a general idea of how to do it based on my very limited nail salon experience but I thought a video showing a regular person doing them without all the fancy tools would be better.

Press on nails

How to apply Press on nails.

The nails I got are pictured above. There was a choice between matte and gel finish. I went with the matte finish. They were cheap too. Lol

Nail glue, nail clip and nail file to use apply the nail extensions.

Step one:

I first fitted the nails to my fingers to find the perfect fit. There are many to choose from.

I fitted and took off the ones I was going to use.

Step two:

I used the nail file to rub my fingernails making them rough so the glue will hold better. I also used the file to push away at the head of the nail so the nail extension would look more natural like it was my own nail.

Step three:

I placed glue on the nail/my finger and attached the press on nails finger after finger. This was not that easy. I did my right hand first and that went pretty well. After you attach the false nail to your nail, you press them and hold them in place for a little. I then tried to do my left hand and this is where things took a turn. Because my right hand had extensions Lol, It got in the way of me doing my left hand. I got glue all over my hands. Sometimes while pressing on the nail, it slipped off and I had to try again. Lol. Anyway, I didn’t give up and got the job done.

Step four:

I then cut the nails to my preference and filed them down so they could be smooth. Some persons did this step before gluing the nail to their fingernails but I preferred to do it this way. I used a nail clip to cut them shorter. I loved them long, but since I am not a seasoned nail wearer Lol, I cut them short, so that I didn’t have trouble doing my chores or anything else that I do on a daily basis. I remember one time in college, my best friend gave me a manicure and my new nails didn’t even last 3 days as I begged her to take them off. Lol. I just couldn’t do anything with them on.

After, I finished applying the nails, I tried to rub off the excess glue that was now on my skin and this was a big mistake; because the first finger I tried to do so on, my skin was coming off with the glue. So, i just left the rest of glue on my hand and hoped that as I washed my hands each time, the glue would come off.

Hopefully by the time I get through the pack I will be comfortable enough with wearing them longer. Lol. How did I do? Have you ever doe your own nails before? Do you feel awkward wearing them? Sound off in the comments below. Lol. Thanks for reading. xoxo

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