How I style some perfect shorts for summer.

I used to love wearing shorts when I lived in Jamaica but not so much since I migrated. I don’t get much shorts weather here. Lol. But summer is right around the corner and I thought it would be the perfect time to do a style video on shorts that are perfect for summer. The hair used in this video is from Better Length and is clip in hair extensions.

I put together 6 looks :

Look # 1

I thought it would be a cook idea to redesign one of the shorts for the video. So last night I used bleach to get a really cook look on the shorts. I paired this with my husband’s shirt. The shorts is from Aeropostale.

Look # 2

For this look, I paired lighter bleached shorts with a nice blue buttoned down shirt, that has a really cool design in the back. The shorts is from Aeropostale.

look # 3

I paired this very pretty green shorts from Aeropostale with my favorite plaid shirt. The colors of the shorts and top compliment each other.

Look # 4

For this look, I paired this bright yellow shorts that I bought in Jamaica with a gorgeous red and white striped tank top.

Look # 5

This shorts was a pants that I really loved and when it was getting to the point of not being able to pass my knees, Lol, I cut it and turned it into a short. I paired it with a really cool fitted Tshirt that I bought from Sun Island in Jamaica. The shorts is from Refuge.

Look # 6

I paired a Bethany Mota white shorts with a white T shirt that I got from ChicNYC. I always love an all white look.

There you have it guys, 6 shorts with some great tops that are all perfect for summer. Check out the full style video on YouTube below. Be sure to subscribe to my blog here, and also subscribe to my YouTube channel (Empey’s Word). Which of the looks was your favorite? Comment below. Also, if there are any looks that you would like to see me style let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading. xoxo

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