How I met my husband.

I have often times heard couples say that they now know why they never worked out with anyone else when they meet their wives or husbands. I now fully believe this after meeting my husband. We met on an online dating site. I have been on a few dating sites in the past few years and deleted them many times because I just wasn’t meeting the right guy for me. So when my niece suggested that I try this site that I have never heard of before, I was skeptical but wanted to meet someone because I was tired of being single.

I made a profile on the site and spoke to a few potential guys, and deleted the app because I was just meeting more of the same guys. Then I decided to give it another try and that’s when he messaged me saying, “hello gorgeous.” We messaged each other on the site and ultimately exchanged phone numbers. I was interested in him because we had many things in common and I could tell that he was a genuine guy.

We decided to meet in person at a neutral spot (half way between where we both lived). We hugged and then went into the restaurant. He had a Turkey Club and I had a pasta dish. It was a great first date. We spoke for hours. In the weeks after that we texted each other every minute of every day and we saw each other every day after that (except when he went for his kayak in Canada and when he went on a golfing trip out of state). In total we have only spent about 5 days apart.

I would visit him at his apartment and he would visit me at mine. We were spending so much time together that we decided to start living together. We still laugh about the day we moved my stuff into his apartment and how my bed kept banging against the inside of the UHaul truck, and how he thought I would be mad that he broke a piece of my dresser.

First, I met his uncle and we had a beach date. Then, I met his uncle’s wife on a dinner train date. That was a beautiful train ride. I then met his mom and step dad at their seasonal camp ground and according to my husband, this is when he knew I was the one. Lol. I guess maybe it was because I was so easy going. We camped the night. He met my mom and my oldest brother. She made a wonderful Jamaican dinner for us. I then met his dad and we had a wonderful time.

We are both adventurous and he was so excited to have me experience things that I have never done before. He and his uncle taught me how to kayak and I couldn’t believe that I did it especially because I can’t swim. Lol. We have been kayaking 3 times I think. Another adventure was my first time at a Boston Red Sox game. On this trip we also visited the New England Aquarium and Museum of Fine Arts.

What made me fall in love with him is that he was just so genuine and fun and very helpful. I have never dated a guy who wanted to help me make dinner before. We cook together all the time and that is one of my favorite things to do with him.

At Disney World

We decided to get married soon after meeting. We both were in love and we were both so ready to settle down. We got married at his mom’s house. We had fun decorating the backyard with his mom, stepdad, uncle and aunt. We had both families at our wedding. My big sister traveled from Jamaica to attend. It was the most perfect day filled with lots of fun and games.

We are both very competitive and try to beat each other in games. I kicked his ass in darts, but he’s the champion of Jenga (I have never won this against him). I am the champion of Yahtzee. At this point he should just give up playing against me. Lol. We are always goofing around with each other. Now that he’s working from home, I annoy him most times, then he gets me back after work by tickling me. Lol.

This August will be our one year wedding anniversary and I am looking forward to many more years with him. I think we both make each other better. I am looking forward to more adventures, more growth and more fun. I will share more of our adventures with you all. Thanks for reading. xoxo.

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