8 Black Owned Fashion Brands That You Can Support.

These past weeks have been heavy for a lot of people, especially people of color. We face discrimination in many ways in the fashion industry. Now with the protests all over the world, some of the big brands are trying to post messages of solidarity with black people; but just posting a message is not enough. I was very happy when I saw some of the black influencers calling out these big brands. Some of them have been called out for not dressing black women unless they have a white stylist, not having black people in executive positions in their company, not using black models to model on their websites and the list goes on. I hope that people will continue to hold them accountable until real change happens.

With that said, today I would like to highlight some small businesses, black owned fashion brands. These brands are owned by some really great girl bosses and I hope you will all support them in some way.

Nichole Lynel

She is the CEO of Shop Nichole Lynel and NL The Label. The brand focuses on custom NL designs as well as buying and reselling from manufacturers. Her designs are super cute and comfortable. Her latest project is a collaboration with shoe company Twelve Am co., with a beautiful Mule sandal that comes in high heel as well as a shorter kitten heel. Nichole is an author as she released her first book recently titled, My Fashion Fairy tale and she also does a lot of speaking engagements.

website: shopnicholelynel.com

Instagram: personal: @nicholelynel business: @shopnicholelynel

Sade Akinosho

Sade is a stylist, designer and creative director for The Kemist, a clothing brand. She exudes confidence and this is reflected through her designs. her designs are fun and features lost of colorful pieces. She regularly post pictures and videos modeling her designs with her signature red lips.

Website: thekemist.com

Instagram: personal: @s4de_u business: @thekemiststore

Jessica Williams

Jessica is CEO of Irregular Exposure, a fashion brand that represents her sporty style. Her designs are very creative. She also sells her designs at wholesale prices for other entrepreneurs who want to join the billion dollar fashion industry. Jessica also has online courses to teach aspiring girl bosses all the ins and out of the industry from buying, to designing and how to effectively run Facebook ads. She has a yearly fashion retreat in LA where persons can get first hand experience of the fashion industry by visiting factories and speaking with other accomplished designers.

Website: irregularexposure.com

Instagram: personal @irregular_jess business @irregularexposure

Maxie J

Maxi is the ultimate girl boss as she has many businesses even outside of fashion. She is the CEO of Ellae Lisque and Ellae Lisque Curve, which are both luxury clothing brands. Her designs are sexy and bold and have been worn by many celebrities. Maxie has online courses and offer one on one services through her business Self Made Preneur. She co-owns a clothing factory in Turkey, where entrepreneurs can get their designs made with lesser MOQ’s. She and her business partner will go through the entire process with you from conception to manufacturing.

Website: ellaelisque.com

Instagram: personal: @maxiejofficial business: @ellaelisque @ellaelisquecurve

Olori Swank

Olori is the CEO of Swank Blue, a luxury fashion brand that features one of a kind designs for the bold and confident woman. She has been featured on CNN, Vogue, BET, OWN and more. You will know her by her signature blue hair. She regularly shares motivational quotes on her Instagram. She is also an author and she self publishes her books. Olori also has an online course called EBoutique 101, which teaches persons how to successfully have an online fashion business.

website: swankblue.com

Instagram: personal: @oloriswank business: @swankblue @eboutique

Anifa Mvuemba

Anifa, CEO of Hanifa, a clothing brand for women, set the world on fire a few weeks ago when she debut her new collection using 3D technology to showcase her fashion show. her new collection has been sold out. Her designs are beautiful, versatile and features aspects of her African culture. She has been featured on various news outlets and magazines for her creativity and versatility.

Website: hanifa.co

Instagram: personal: @anifam business: @hanifaofficial

Zavia Walker

This is me! Zavia is the CEO of Zavia Walker, a fashion brand for women, that features casual pieces like Tshirts, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts and dresses. She hopes to include for formal designs in her collection this summer. She uses her love for art as a catalyst for her designs. She incorporates lots of colors in her designs that is an Ode to her Caribbean background.

Website: zaviawalker.com

Instagram: personal: @empeysworld business @shopzaviawalker @365active

Sai Sankoh

Sai is the CEO of Sai Sankoh, an opulent resort wear brand that features bold colors and beautiful designs. Her designs are worn by celebrities all over the world. Her signature designs are long flowy pants paired with kaftans that are just as long. The long, sometimes over-sized pieces add to the beauty and luxury of the designs. You can just picture yourself on the beach or on a cruise and the beautiful pieces just blowing in the wind.

Website: saisankoh.com

Instagram: personal @sai.sankoh business: @shopsaisankoh

These designers are all great ladies that are putting in the work for the culture. Prices vary from each designer with some offering lower priced pieces and some offering higher priced pieces, but the quality of are second to none. Be sure to check out their websites and support them and follow them on social media. As always, thanks for reading. xoxox

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