Make money online selling new and used items!

Like most of us, you probably have stuff laying around your house that you aren’t using, like clothes you may have worn once or not at all, electronics, jewelry, books etc. Did you know that you can sell these items online and make a few extra bucks? Some people would normally have garage sales or sell these items at flea markets, but with most of us still staying home; you can sell these things on various online marketplaces.

We often times buy things that we don’t need and sometimes we don’t even use them. So to get started, you can go through your house and garage and pick out items that are in good condition. If it’s a lot, you might get overwhelmed so take your time.

Then, you can group your items into different categories like clothing, jewelry, electronics, toys, books, vintage pieces, collectibles etc. Go through your list and decide appropriate prices for your items by doing online searches. Some of the marketplaces will give you an idea of what you can charge, while some places will allow the customers to bid on items.

Before you sell your new or used items:

  1. make sure that they are in good condition.

2. Take good quality photos of your item because people want to see what they are actually buying.

3. Be honest about the condition of the item in your descriptions. Note any flaws or blemishes to reduce the chances of the item being returned and you having to refund the person. This can also draw negative reviews and affect future sales.

4. Use detailed headlines and descriptions because your listing might be appearing alongside other sellers’ items so you want to stand out. For example, if you are selling a dress, be sure to state the color, size etc.

5. Provide details about shipping, taxes and other information a buyer might need before they purchase so as to keep things smooth and easy. You can also say why you are selling the items. For example, I am selling this Kindle because I have a new Ipad.

6. Follow the guidelines or terms of services of the online marketplace.

Below is a list different online places that you can sell new and used items that you are not using.

These places allow you to sell just about anything:





Mercari (this is an app)


These places allow you to sell new or used clothing:

Poshmark (this is an app)


Recycle your fashion (they offer a referral bonus)




These places allow you to sell used jewelry:

Ex-boyfriend Jewelry

These places allow you to sell vintage, collectibles and antique items:

Ruby Lane

The International Antique Shop

These places allow you to sell used books:



Sell Back Your Book


These places allow you to sell used Electronics:






You’d be surprised at how much money you can make by selling your new or used items that have been just laying around your house. There is a very big market for reselling items and in fact there are even reality shows on TV that is about people reselling their used items. So don’t be afraid to tap into this market. Thanks for reading. xoxox

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