12 Tips to grow your social media following according to Girl CEO Boss, Ronne Brown.

Having a relatively large social media following will open the doors to many money making opportunities like sponsorship and brand collaborations. This is how our favorite influencers make money. Of course, growing your social media audience will also be beneficial if you have a business, because you get the chance to put your brand/business in front of thousands of people that can be potential customers. Ronne Brown, is a successful entrepreneur, who helps other girl bosses to take their business/brand to the next level on social media. She also mentors potential business owners on how to have a successful business.

I have deleted my Facebook and Instagram a couple times and If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have deleted them because followers are hard to come by. As you may know Instagram’s algorithms make it really hard to get a good following and for people to discover your page and engage with it. Of course if you pay Instagram to promote your posts then you might get followers and engagements which would be easier.

However, getting a following and engagement on your posts can be done with some really great tips that Ronne shared on an IG live she did a couple weeks ago. I have tried these tips and they are helping me/my brand to engage more with different accounts and I have gained a good number of followers in the short time that I have been using Ronne’s tips. You can find Ronne on Instagram @ronnebrown and her business page is @girlceoinc

Ronne Brown, CEO of Girl CEO Inc.

Here are the tips she shared:

  1. Be sure to state what it is that you do in your profile heading. Only the first 2 sentences can be seen right off the bat so be clear in what you say and keep important information at the forefront.
  2. If you are a business or you want people to easily find you then you should put your location in your profile heading.
  3. Understand what your audience wants from you by using your analytics to see which posts have the most engagements in terms of likes, comments, views etc. For example if your fashion posts gets more engagements than your cooking posts, then your audience may want to see more fashion posts.
  4. Post inspiring and positive things.
  5. Allow your followers to learn something from you by posting things they can relate to. For example, talk about your career journey, growth and how you got to this point.
  6. Talk about your successes and failures. Doing this will show people that you are just like them because we all have struggled with something.
  7. Talk about personal struggles like diet, fitness, mental health, skin care etc. because there are many persons who may follow you because you have similar issues and going on a journey with you will let them know you are genuine.
  8. Show your brand but show but also show yourself as the individual behind the brand, by being transparent.
  9. Posts quote and/or affirmations. You can create your own custom quotes or use someone else’s but be sure to credit the creator.
  10. Be consistent and put out lots of different content like pictures, videos, polls, live videos etc.
  11. Encourage your audience to respond and give their opinions on the things you post.
  12. Be sure to engage with your audience by responding to their comments, liking their comments and also commenting and liking their posts too.

These are some really helpful tips and If you are consistent with them, it won’t belong until your page gets featured on the explorer’s page and you start getting more engagement with your account. Let me know in the comments if you have any other useful tips that can be used to increase engagement on social media. Do you do any of the things I mentioned above? Has it bee working for you? Let me know. Thanks for reading. xoxox