Our Fabulous Bar Hopping Weekend! Check out these bars on your next trip to Cape Cod.

I was dreaming of French Toast and to my surprise, my husband woke me up and suggested I-Hop. We were happy to see that things looked somewhat normal again. Nate, as usual, always want to go for a walk after breakfast. LOL. I gave in this time and we walked through the dunes of Sandy Neck Beach for an hour. Walking in all that sand is always difficult, but it is slowly becoming easier for me LOL.

After our walk we decided that for the rest of the day we would bar hop down Main Street (LOL), then come back home to make pizza and play board games (Very competitive shit! LOL). We got home, showered, dressed up and walked down Main Street. The Black Cat Tavern’s Raw Bar was first on our list. The atmosphere was just so light and fun. Everyone seemed to be excited at the chance to be outside hanging out with friends again ( And I was happy to see Nate in his shorts again! LOL). We had Shrimp Cocktail, Oysters and their very tasty Hawaiian Margarita. The seafood was fresh and delicious and the staff was awesome. We had a great time. As we walked up to main street I could feel a buzz coming on (LOL).

Next we visited Torrino’s Restaurant. The live music added to the already great atmosphere. We sat at the bar and and tried their Pina Colada with Truffle Fries. This spot seemed to be a favorite as people kept coming. The staff was awesome. We were so excited about our current adventure, as we hadn’t done anything like that in a really long time.

Tequilla Charlie’s was our next stop. By this time, I was already feeling tired and drained. How lame! LOL. I didn’t want to have a full stomach, since Hubby was going to make pizza, so we only had drinks. I had the Strawberry Daiquiri and Nate had a Mango Punch. Great service here as always. We ended up sitting outside to get the most of the awesome weather.

We decided to do one last bar and it was the British Beer Company (BBC). Yes, you guessed it! by this time I was very light headed LOL. We had the Raspberry Limoncello Mimosa. We enjoyed our drinks and chatted a bit.

When we got home, I set the games up while Nate made the pizza (he had already prepped the vegetables and the dough). We played Sorry and Yahtzee. I won the first game of Sorry and he won the second game. He then proceeded to kick my ass at Yahtzee (Which I’m not happy about and will get him back for that). His veggie pizza was very delicious! Maybe one day he will share his recipe with you all (smiley face).

We definitely thought we would have been able to hit up more bars LOL, but our old asses couldn’t even keep up. All in all, it was a refreshingly awesome day; one that was much needed since Memorial Day Weekend was so hectic at work. I work 6 days a week, so I thoroughly enjoyed the day; so much so that it was just another thing solidifying the fact that I would prefer to have the freedom to travel and do the things I want when I want, so I need to find a career that will give me all that.

Thank you so much for reading. Be sure to share, like, comment and tell me some of your favorite spots on the Cape so I can visit them next. XOXO.