A Look Back At Year 2021.

I started the year trying to juggle my day job and my small business. My business was gaining recognition in our local community, but my day job which was from 6:00 am to 2:30 pm, Sundays to Fridays was starting to impact my life in more ways than one. I really enjoyed being the manager at this quick service restaurant, but I think due to Covid, the labor shortage and management, It took a toll on my life and I literally had a nervous breakdown at work in November 2021. I worked 51 hours normally but that sometimes ended up being way more when employees didn’t show up.

My breaking point was after we had a huge storm with power outages; picking up the pieces while still trying to give the best service. Then management threw in a whole new cash register/ back office/payroll/ management system that they sent someone to teach me how to use in 15 minutes. Being the manager, I had to teach my crew how to use this new system (that I didn’t even fully grasp myself) and that meant staying late to help closers and going in early to teach openers, all while not getting any overtime as managers don’t get overtime pay. It was a mess! and my supervisor didn’t make things better by just telling me to figure things out each time I asked her for help.

I decided that it just wasn’t worth it anymore even though the pay was okay, especially after hearing stories from other managers who were going through the same thing, some even ended up in the hospital because the job was so stressful. I learned a lot though, so I am eternally grateful. Now I have knowledge of payroll, inventory management, cash management, setting schedules etc. using systems like Radiant, AAGIT, Paros etc.

Take a look at some my best moments in 2021.

Getting my US driver’s license after failing on the first attempt. Man! the first time I was so nervous that I had diarrhea. Haha. And I think I was extra nervous because the instructor was rushing me. Ya’ll know I cried right? Haha. I also bought car.

Getting the Corona Virus after being double vaxxed. I literally thought I was going to die. One of the days I got overly excited as I felt a little better, so I started dancing and moving around. Bad Idea!! It knocked me back down quickly. LOL

Going on a few road trips with my love. This is one of our fave things to do as it gives us a chance to experience new places and we are big foodies so it is always exciting. We visited some beautiful New England towns and I can’t wait for us to go on more adventures to other states.

Selling my handmade products at our Local festivals and seeing return customers coming back to each event to support me. It is the best feeling in the world to see customers enjoying my creations. Be sure to check out my website https://zaviawalker.com/ or use the links below to see my handmade products.

Having my handmade items being sold at the Love Local store on Main Street in Hyannis. The Love Local team is awesome as they do so much to help small businesses in the community.


Being mentored by Marc and Mim. They have helped my personal growth as well as that of my business. Mim even came to see my set up at one of the Local vendor fairs. You can also access mentors to help get your small business up and running through https://www.score.org/find-mentor?gclid=Cj0KCQiA8vSOBhCkARIsAGdp6RQw5zm0duo0dqGGWkyeT0A2DaDGKklfYXZsgIBdlpBQVwzX9LcsPtsaAieDEALw_wcB

For the year 2022, I plan to show out fully when it comes to things I want to do! My focus will be to push my business even more because my aim is an international brand for Zavia Walker. I also really hope that Nate and I will get to go on more adventures, but with new variants of Covid coming up every minute, we will see.

How was 2021 for you all? Comment below. Do you have new year resolutions? Comment below. As always, thanks for reading. XOXO