How I style these fun sweatshirts from my brand Zavia Walker.

I love wearing sweatshirts because they can be worn throughout all four seasons. They are quite versatile, and you can layer them. You can dress them up or dress them down and transition your look from casual to a dressier look. They can be worn to work, to run errands, to hang with friends or even as a date-night outfit. I have designed some fun sweatshirts for my brand, Zavia Walker; and below, I show you how you can style them to create fun looks. I have provided links to the sweatshirts and some of the other pieces that I used to style them. Be sure to click on them and check them out!

I paired this geometric grey sweatshirt with shorts, and a neutral-colored ankle boot from Shoedazzle . I added the pink socks for another pop of color. I then tied the look together with this colorful purse from Mini Me Clothing Boutique. . This would be a great summer or spring outfit. This sweatshirt comes in the colors grey, black and oxblood.

In this look, the Zavia Walker Flower Child sweatshirt pairs perfectly with this rose-pink pleated skirt (from Amazon) and knee-high boots (from Shoedazzle). The white sunglasses (from Amazon) and multicolored purse (from Mini Me which is tagged above), bring the look full circle. The sweatshirt comes in black and white.

The journeys sweatshirt was made from a painting that I made, which I then transferred to the clothing. Here are two styling options for the beautiful sweatshirt. In look #1, I added long black jeans from Hollister and black pumps from Steve Madden, for a simple yet chic look that can be worn to work, meetings or to run errands. In comparison, look #2 is more sporty but edgy. Here I added black biker shorts and black knee- high boots (from Shoedazzle) and this yellow purse from Amazon. The Journeys sweatshirt comes in the colors black and white.

The One Love World Sweatshirt is a customer fave! Here, I styled it for the ultimate sporty-chic look by adding black trackpants, a black Aldo purse from Amazon and black Steve Madden pumps. This sweatshirt comes in the colors red, white, black, grey and oxblood. This look also features The Black Luxury hat I designed for Black History Month (I added an updated design to the website) and black sunglasses from Amazon.

In this look, I paired Zavia Walker’s Flower Initial sweatshirt with blue jeans from Hollister and these badass silver boots from Shoedazzle. The Flower sweathsirtcomes in the colors black and white. This fun look can be worn on a date or to party with friends.

This look screams Black girl magic! I paired our Black Luxury definition Sweatshirt with these Black Luxury leggings. The leggings are samples that I am testing out. Let me know in the comments if I should add them to the collection. I wanted a neutral look, so I added nude Steve Madden pumps and a nude Michael Kors purse. The sweatshirt is available in the colors black, grey, soft blue, white and olive. These cool sunglasses from Amazon brings the look full circle.

The final look has two styling options. It features Zavia Walker Running Circles Sweatshirt that comes in the colors red, white and soft blue. Look #1 can be worn to work, meetings, lunch (The possibilities are endless!) Here I paired the sweatshirt with a pant I designed which is just a sample for now. Sunglasses from Amazon ties the look together perfectly, with these black Steve Madden pumps.

For look #2, I added faux leather pants and knee high boots, both from Shoedazzle. This look is hot!!! These white Aldo handbag from Amazon ties the look together perfectly. This beautiful look can be worn out with friends or on a date, to the club, you name it!

What I love about these sweatshirts is their versatility. They can be worn with anything. They are great transitional pieces that can be worn from daytime to nighttime. Let me know in the comments which look is your favorite and how you would style each piece. As always, thank you so so much for reading. Be sure to like and comment and share the post with your friends and family on social media. Thank you!